Ana Franchesca won first place in QBrN using our Wush Wush from Jardines del Eden.

Ana Franchesca, a talented coffee professional from the Philippines, placed 1 st in the Qatar
National Brewers Championship (QNBrC), using our Wush Wush from Jardines del Eden!
Have you heard about Jardines del Eden? It is one of our experimental farms, located in Quindio,
Colombia. At Jardines del Eden we grow 12 exotic varietals, including the award-winning Wush
Wush which is planted at an altitude of 1850 m.a.s.l. We recently spoke to Ana, and she shared with us her story, her experience on a stage, and the journey to finding the perfect coffee for her championship.

What is Franchesca’s story?
She had a successful career in food manufacturing quality assurance, research and development.
As part of her role, she was assigned to improve a coffee product for the company she was working for.

During this process, she took coffee classes at a coffee school to better understand the specific
details of coffee. She loved the complex flavors and aromas of different coffee beans, and she was
intrigued by the science behind brewing a perfect cup. Surrounded by knowledgeable and experienced Philippine coffee professionals, Franchesca was inspired to become deeply involved in
the coffee industry.

Since that moment, coffee has been an important part of Franchesca’s professional life. After she
finalized her commitment to the job in the Philippines, she decided, thanks to the support of her
mentors and colleagues, to commit her professional life to coffee. She flew to Qatar to start her career as a barista where she quickly mastered the art of preparing a perfect cup. Later, she became a roaster, which is the current role she does for Cherry Beans. In February 2023, Francesca made her debut at the QNBrC coffee competition, where she placed third!

Choosing the Ideal Coffee
Ana Franchesca has tasted a wide variety of coffees, and she knows which ones have unique
characteristics in flavor and aroma and which ones are well-suited for blends. During her
preparation for nationals, she used all she learned from her previous experience in QNBrC to start
thinking about what kind of coffee she should use this time. Franchesca was considering infused coffees, as this process is now allowed in competitions, but then she decided to be open to other processes. She tasted different options, and then she was

faced with 11 different masterpieces to choose from. At this first cupping, one coffee stood out to
her: Wush Wush had captured her senses. “Wush Wush Natural Anaerobic scored the highest, the cup profile was very unique, it is in my top one,” said Ana.

Days later, she cupped the coffee again, and it cupped incredibly. She made her final decision: she
would use the Wush Wush from Jardines del Eden. Ana said “ … I got tropical, floral notes and berries …, I like sweet coffees, and that was very sweet” also she mentioned that the flavors reminded her of a marshmallow.

On Stage!
The big day had arrived. Franchesca wasn’t as confident as she had been in the final round. She
was so fortunate to have such an amazing coffee to brew for the judges, and she was determined
to do her best on stage, she took a deep breath and stepped up to the brewing station. “ During
the final presentation, I thought I just want to give the best… when I presented I really engaged
with the judges, I wanted to feel the moment”, said Franchesca.

For her presentation, she brewed using the Origami Air Dripper. As she brewed for the judges, the
incredible aroma of the Wush Wush filled her confidence even more. The presentation was
outstanding, and the coffee was simply delicious. “I was really happy with everything, and
everything went as planned”, said Franchesca.

Francesca’s flawless presentation and the exceptional Wush Wush she brewed secured her a well-
deserved spot in the World Brewer Championship. Francesca’s inspiration in her coffee career are the mentors she met in the Philippines, and she made a special mention to Angelo from Azura, from whom she learned a lot about specialty coffee.

We want to extend our congratulations to Franchesca for her victory in QNBrC, and for the
opportunity and trust in using our Wush Wush.

We are committed to producing and processing our coffees to make them unique, exciting, and
fitting for champions.