Arturo Arango

Farm: El Paraiso / Origin: Barcelona, Quindío.

Arturo Arango is a young coffee farmer who has been producing coffees since 2015. He bought El Paraiso a 25 hectares farm located at 1300 m.a.s.l. in Barcelona, Quindío. When he bought the farm, most of the coffee trees were more than 25 years old so he started to renew every tree and planted Costa Rica and Java varieties. Besides coffee, you can find other crops such as yucca and lemon. Arturo studied Business Administration and had the opportunity to do his master’s degree in agroindustries in Argentina. During his time away from Colombia, Arturo was captivated by the Specialty Coffee scene. Upon his return to Colombia, he decided to get involved in coffee as he saw an amazing opportunity to be a part of this movement. His focus was on applying the correct agricultural practices on his farm to produce the highest quality coffees he could. Arturo takes great care to remove all the weeds around the base of his coffee trees and disease prevention.

The first few years on his farm were spent renewing the trees and improving the practices. After three years, the new trees started bearing fruit and the results were excellent, encouraging Arturo to continue along his path of revitalizing the farm. Arturo told us that collaborating with Cofinet has been a great help in furthering his knowledge. He also values the technical assistance he receives from our team.

Arturo admires how the coffee industry changed from commercially minded coffee production towards to Specialty Coffee. He has seen this change firsthand as most of the coffee farmers he knows are now focused on quality rather than volume.

After finishing all his coffee responsibilities, Arturo enjoys walking inside his coffee plantation as it helps to clear his mind. We are honored to have him as our coffee provider and as our friend!