Leonid Ramirez

Farm: Cortina de Hierro / Origin: Genova, Quindio.

Leonid was born in a traditional coffee farming family. He owns the farm Cortina de Hierro farm which is 4 hectares in size and is located at 1900 m.a.s.l in Genova, Quindio. On his farm, you can find shade trees such as Nogal and Carbonero. Don Leonid grows traditional coffee varieties such as Caturra and Castillo on his farm and has been producing coffee since 2003, the year he bought his farm. Don Leonid is assisted at Cortina de Hierro by his uncle and cousins. They maintain and supervise all the operations across the farm. Don Leonid has a daughter who lives and works in Armenia. He would like her to be involved in the family business but she is not interested at this stage. She does however like the coffee industry and supports her father with his coffee projects so he is hopeful one day she will change her mind.

Ever since Leonid was a child, he was surrounded by coffee. His father died when he was just 4 years old, so his mother was the sole carer for Leonid and his two younger brothers. Being the eldest, Leonid was responsible for his younger brothers and started working at a very young age, whilst still at school. Leonid started working as a “chapolero”, the traditional word for a coffee picker. During his teenage years, Leonid started to become more involved in coffee production and dreamed of owning his own farm one day.

When Leonid was 25 years old, he enquired about some land that was available to buy. Leonid visited the farm in Genova, Quindío, and fell in love. With his savings and the support of his family, he was able to purchase the farm. He started to renew the coffee trees and remove the eucalyptus that was planted because these trees are known to undermine the land.

Leonid’s journey in coffee was very challenging. Even though coffee production wasn’t very profitable in the beginning, he knew that coffee was the future for his family. So, he started to invest in better farming practices and work with Specialty Coffee. He started participating with his coffee in various coffee auctions where his coffee was always one of the favourites.

In 2016, Cofinet began a relationship with Leonid. Leonid is grateful for the guidance Cofinet has provided in the production of Specialty Coffee. He is also grateful for the technical assistance we have provided on experimental fermentation techniques. We are very honored to have Leonid as one of our coffee providers and our friend. Leonid enjoys a tinto! This is a traditional coffee beverage blended with sugarcane. He enjoys it while resting from his work on farm.