Marcela Castellanos

Farm: Mayorca / Origin: Armenia, Quindio.

Marcela was a doctor from Bogotá. She got married to Jaime Virgilio, also a Doctor, but based in Quindío so she moved to Armenia in 2005. In Quindío, Marcela fell in love with coffee and started to get involved with the coffee community. She started learning about cupping, processing, harvesting, and post-harvesting. She, along with her husband, focused on Specialty Coffee and planted exotic varieties like Pink Bourbon, Java, Gesha, and Laurina.

Sadly, 3 years ago Marcela got an incurable disease, and one year ago passed away. We wanted to thank Marcela and her husband for the incredible moments we had together and for the incredible coffee she produced. Now, Jaime takes care of the farm as he wants to continue honoring his wife’s work by providing beautiful coffees.