Nectario Zuñiga

Farm: El Atico and El Oasis / Origin: Gaitania, Tolima.

Nectario Zuñiga has been growing coffee since 1982. He owns El Atico and El Oasis both located at 1600 m.a.s.l in Gaitania, Tolima. On his farms, he grows traditional Colombian varieties such as Castillo and Variedad Colombia as well as exotic varieties like Pink Bourbon. He also produces plantain for local consumption. Nectario has planted a selection of shade trees on his farms like Guamo, Carbonero, Nogal, and Naranjo among others. Nectario, his wife Raquel Rengifo and their sons work together to take care of their farms. During the main harvest, Nectario is able to provide jobs for the local community which has a positive impact on the economy of his community.

Nectario was a victim of armed groups fighting in the Narino region. As a result of this fighting, he was forced to flee his home in Narino. However, thanks to the restoration program of the Colombian government, Nectario was able to start again, this time in Tolima. Nectario was born in Nariño, in a traditional coffee farming family. Ever since he was a young boy, he was involved on the farm and helped his parents with the harvesting process. After being more immersed in the specialty coffee scene he was able to improve his farming practices and in turn, he was able to achieve higher yields and improve the quality of his coffee cherries.