Nubia Loaiza

Farm: Santa Fé / Origin: Pijao, Quindio.

Doña Nubia Loaiza comes from a traditional coffee farming family. Doña Nubia’s farm, Santa Fé, is 37 hectares in size and is located at 1850 m.a.s.l. in Pijao, Quindio. On the farm, there are various shade trees such as Guamo, Chachafruto, and Cedro. Doña Nubia also produces bananas, plantain, guava, and avocado and her farm is Rain Forest Alliance certified.

When her father passed away, Doña Nubia and her mother took over managing the farm. In 2018, Doña Nubia applied to a local program that supports entrepreneurs. Through this support, she was able to set up a boutique hotel at Santa Fé. Now she receives guests who are immersed in her coffee plantation and learn all about coffee growing.

Doña Nubia grows mostly Castillo and Yellow Caturra. She prefers utilizing the Washed processing method to produce coffees. She only produces a small number of Naturals and Honeys as the weather in Pijao is very unpredictable. However, she really likes the Honey processing method and, weather permitting, would like to produce more coffees this way in the future.

Doña Nubia tells us that climate change has affected the production on her coffee farm and is seeing a slow reduction in her annual yield. She is taking steps to counteract these effects by focusing on improving plant health. Doña Nubia says that Cofinet has been a great support for her and appreciates the recognition her coffees are now receiving around the world. Doña Nubia is fascinated with some of the experimental processing methods that Cofinet uses and is currently learning how she might be able to use these on her farm.