Producer internships

Producers are invited to be part of our free, two-part Internship Program. First participants spend six days with our team at La Pradera, learning how to process their own coffee cherries using alternative fermentation methods. Our aim is to further develop the specialty scene in Colombia and assist farmers in producing outstanding coffees that will guarantee a high premium for their hard work.

Honey and natural processing are taught in a hands-on manner so producers are able to learn the specifics of each method. Giving farmers the tools to be able to produce at least 40% of their harvest in alternative processing methods. Near the end of the program, producers are given the opportunity to taste their coffees, which is something most producers have never done before. At the end of the six days Cofinet gifts the producer movable coffee beds so there is no start up cost to process coffees in this way.

In part two, Cofinet visits the producer at their farm and oversees the first two trials using techniques learned in part one. Using a small lot, the producer will lead the processing, while Cofinet guides and answers questions when required. We commit to purchasing the lot, no matter what the outcome, so there is no risk for the producer.