Produced by smallholders in rural areas surrounding the Galeras Volcano in Nari?o. Coffee growers from this region are well known for producing some of the finest washed coffees in Colombia. We work with approximately 200 coffee growers from different associations across this region.

This coffee is fully washed. It was exposed to 20?25 hour fermentation and then dried on parabolic dryers with controlled temperature to ensure an even dry and reach the right moisture level. Cofinet admires the amazing cup profile and the extreme care and love growers have for coffee in this region. Year after year more producers continue to join the program and we are expecting to have more in the coming years.

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 3 × 60 × 80 cm



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Botanical Cultivars

Castillo, Caturra


Galeras, Narino

Soil Characteristics

Volcanic Ash


13 – 25?C

Annual Rainfall


Cupping Notes

and black fruit notes, Dark chocolate, floral


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