Sebastián Gomez

Farm: La Divisa Farm / Origin: Circasia, Quindío.

Sebastian Gomez comes from a traditional coffee family.  He along with his father owns La Divisa Farm, a 13-hectare farm, located at 1.700, in Circasia, Quindío. On the farm, they have some beautiful shade trees such as Guamo, Guayacan, Gualandai, and Nogal.

Sebastian is a young farmer and along with his wife both work on the coffee duties and administrative matters. His father, John, has been working in coffee for more than 30 years and has been taking care of the coffee farm since he bought the farm in 1995. Sebastian started to be more involved in coffee in 2014 when he came back To Colombia. Sebastian could witness the specialty movement in other countries, so he decided to be more involved in coffee and it was when they decided to focus on specialty coffee. They planted varieties such as Geisha and Pink Bourbon.

 Sebastian shared that they knew they were about to wait and just let their hard work speak out. It was three years after they could see the marvelous result. Sebastian tells us that 10 years later, quantity was the focus, but now they see a radical change since now the focus in the coffee industry is quality. Now they want to do differentiated coffees since they know that is what the market demands too.

He is grateful to Cofinet because of the technical assistance and support they have received from us.

Sebastian enjoys passing time with his baby and wife. He loves skating, and the best moment for him is when he goes skating while he walks around with his baby in the park. We love this too!!!